Lawrence B. Adisa is a multi-talented figure in the entertainment industry, known for his

work as an actor, writer, producer, and director. He has made a significant impact on the

world of film and television with his versatile skills and contributions.

Born and raised in Mount Vernon, NY. Lawrence embarked on his journey in the world of

entertainment by studying to be an actor with the Black Filmmakers Foundation and HB

Studios in 1992. With a passion for acting, Lawrence booked several off-broadway

plays, these plays were his college education, and the experience was priceless.

As an actor, Lawrence has taken on a wide range of characters, demonstrating his

versatility and ability to immerse himself in various roles. His performances have

garnered critical acclaim and have made a lasting impression on audiences. With a

career that includes a diverse array of characters and projects, Lawrence B. Adisa has

left his mark on the industry.

In addition to his acting career, Lawrence has also ventured into writing, where he has

contributed to the creation of compelling and thought-provoking stories. His work as a

writer showcases his creativity and ability to craft narratives that resonate with


Furthermore, Lawrence's involvement in producing and directing projects has added to

his reputation as a multifaceted talent in the entertainment world. His contributions

behind the scenes have played a crucial role in bringing captivating stories to the


While his IMDb and Wikipedia profiles provide a glimpse into his body of work, Lawrence

B. Adisa's influence in the entertainment industry extends far beyond his filmography.

He has been a driving force in shaping the industry and contributing to the art of


Lawrence's dedication to his craft, passion for storytelling, and ability to excel in

multiple roles have solidified his place as a respected and influential figure in the world

of entertainment. His work continues to captivate audiences and inspire those who

aspire to follow in his footsteps.




The 2007 Warner Brothers-released comedy "Grindin" streaming everywhere.

The 2013 BET released romantic comedy "The Love Section" streaming everywhere.


Adisa's latest film BnB Hell was released in 2017 under his Lawrence Adisa Films, LLC production company. BnB Hell is a horror/suspense thriller streaming everywhere.

 Night Games is streaming exclusively here on ALLBLK TV!

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